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Hair Wrap

Hair Wrap

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Prevents frizz, creates shine, speeds up drying & anti-breakage. Twist, flip, and, button. Simple as that.

Long gone are the days of a bulky towel weighing down your head, or water dripping down your back. Simply wrap it up and give your hair a mini vacation. Cotton towels pull out the frizz and dry out your hair causing breakage. With Rae wraps, the microfiber is so gentle on your hair it leaves it feeling soft, shiny, healthier, and happier.

Let’s take it a step further. Sleeping in deep conditioning masks is one of the best things we can do for our hair. But who wants to get their pillow case wet or go to sleep with a bulky towel? Rae wraps fixes all of those problems. Get a good nights sleep & repair your hair all at once. Winning.


Care instructions: Before use, machine wash in warm water on gentle cycle, using a minimal amount of detergent. Avoid washing with other fabrics that may contain chemicals or impart odors. Do not use fabric softener or powder detergent and dry right after washing on low heat or air dry. Hang-dry immediately after each use.


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