Return Policy

Due to hygiene reasons, all sales are final. If you think you are missing a bristle, check out our intentional drainage hole. If you are worried about other bristles please send an email with a photo attached to


With proper care and cleaning we suggest the average lifespan for everyday at home care to be 6-12 months or longer. 

For users who are hairstylists our brush gives durability and longevity behind the chair even with constant use of heat, chemicals, and water. We suggest replacing your brush around 4-9 months. Lifespan can vary depending on how vigorously it is used. 

While those are general guidelines, it’s important to remember the frequency of use can affect the lifespan of the brush. 



Gently remove hair from brush with a wide tooth comb or fingers

Fill sink with warm water and shampoo or dish soap

Let soak for 5 minutes

Rinse with water

Release excess water using drainage hole

Lay bristles down to dry 


Repeat as needed. 


Machine wash in warm water on gentle cycle, using a minimal amount of detergent.

Avoid washing with other fabrics that may contain chemicals or impart odors.

Do not use fabric softener.

Hang dry or tumble dry with low heat.